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About the Author


When Kathleen was six years old, she realized her love for writing and telling stories. She would make up stories to tell her siblings, and she found herself writing poems and jotting down her thoughts wherever she could find a piece of paper. She has a philosophy she shares today: "Words spoken are light as air; words written are always there." It is Kathleen's prayer that her words would bring hope and inspiration to her readers. It is her desire to write for the glory of God and to portray in her writings this important premise: To know God and to be known by Him is to find the meaning of life. 


In addition to her love for writing, Kathleen has been teaching women’s Bible studies for several years. She is the mother of four grown children and married to Tom. Among her favorite things to do are country drives to explore small towns, visit museums, and go on nature walks with Tom. She enjoys reading, collecting quotes, classic movies, and casual time with her family. Spending time with her young grandchildren is the greatest joy of her life. Kathleen was born and raised in Johnstown, PA, in a home where her Slovakian roots grew deep. She and her family reside in Central Oregon, surrounded with lots of natural beauty to inspire her writing.   

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